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Iara Dias

Pronunciation: “Yah-rah Dee-az

Iara Dias is an innovative professional, renowned for her expertise in music experiences within the metaverse, adeptly utilizing web3, blockchain, and spatial computing technologies. With 20 years of professional experience in diverse business domains, her skill set is broad and multifaceted. She has been instrumental in leading key projects such as the Metaverse Music Festival and Metaverse Pride on Decentraland, and has played a significant role in the production of the Metaverse Fashion Week for two editions.


Her ability to seamlessly bridge the physical and digital worlds, creating immersive, interactive, and realistic virtual environments, is a testament to her deep understanding of web3, blockchain technologies, and spatial computing. This expertise enables her to deliver impactful features by integrating engineering, design, data-driven insights, and market trends, providing significant value to users and assisting companies in navigating the complex dynamics of the tech and music industries.


Known for her effective communication skills, Iara is adept at breaking down complex concepts and influencing decision-makers at every level. She is dedicated to guiding companies through the unique challenges of product interfaces with the music industry, focusing on optimizing their success, resource allocation, and product-market fit. Iara's unique blend of professional experience and extensive network within the music and tech sectors positions her as a key figure in transforming business challenges into opportunities, helping businesses thrive in the virtual realm. Her pioneering work with NFTs and her ability to onboard hundreds of artists, brands, and creators into the metaverse underscore her leadership and vision in this rapidly evolving field.

Product Management

Project Management

Product Owner

Service Design

Data Analysis

Growth Strategies

Agile Coach 

Scrum Master

Business Development

VR/AR Projects

Account Management


Music Business Analysis




Business Model Canvas




Web based Applications

Mobile Applications



Lean Methodology



Music Business Models in the Digital Era  (5).png

Coming in 2024. 

Revised and amplified edition of the 2020 book in Portuguese.

Modelos de Negocios da industria musical-iara-dias-front-cover.png

Published in August 2020. 

Amazon and Google Books

184 Pages


Published in December 2016. Master's thesis.

Free to download here
119 Pages.



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